Dental Prosthesis

An oral prosthesis is a specialty of dentistry which aims to restore functionality, aesthetics, comfort and safety to the patient through different designs and materials, according to the needs and physiological condition of each individual. At Med Travel Chihuahua we are first of all interested in recommending what your mouth really needs, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each type of prosthesis, without resorting to economic tricks.

Removable prosthesis

These are prosthetic devices that provide acceptable aesthetics and comfort which are characterized as being able to be removed and replaced easily. They are inexpensive and easy to clean, come in different types: metal, acrylic, combined (metal and acrylic), they are flexible and removable, each one of them with variants in terms of design, function, duration and quality of materials

Fixed prosthesis

The main feature of this type of prosthesis is that it is permanently united with your mouth. It is available in metal, metal-porcelain or metal-free such as zirconia, implant-supported, etc. This type of prosthesis can be applied to a single tooth (individual crowns) or to all of them, as long as the necessary conditions exist for its design. It lasts a long time and does not generate discomfort of any kind if it is well designed.