Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry involves teaching and applying different methods, techniques and instruments that can be used at home or in the dentist’s office, aimed at preparing and instructing the patient so he/she can acquire the knowledge necessary for optimal oral health.

Dental Cleaning

For the dental cleaning to be effective, we use ultrasound, air-polishing devices, brushing with prophylaxis paste and rubber cups to polish and brighten the teeth, the goal is to remove plaque, tartar and stains caused by certain foods and beverages.

Fluoride application

Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and remineralize the enamel of our teeth; at certain dosages it has the property of reducing cavity activity by 50%. It is applied after a dental cleaning, isolating and drying all the teeth, and by means of a few teaspoons of foam, fluoride gel is placed for just a few minutes.

Dental sealant

As its name indicates, it is a dental protector that serves to create a barrier between the natural fossettes of our teeth and the attack of the acids that cause cavities. It is recommended mainly for children and adolescents.

Education for oral hygiene

We inform the patient about any topic related to oral health and teach him/her to use a great variety of products and instruments that are on the market since each type of patient requires specific care, such as children, patients who use prostheses, implants, etc.