Botox is a nonsurgical treatment to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles. A solution (Botulinum toxin type A) is injected superficially into the skin to paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles due to excessive contraction. Botox is a treatment which relaxes facial muscles, making hyperkinetic facial lines disappear.


With peeling a reduction of wrinkles is achieved, along with rejuvenated, well hydrated skin and proper secretion of fat, good consistency and brightness.
Normally different acids are used (glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, resorcinol, trichloroacetic, phenol, etc.) depending on the results that are sought, skin type and condition, age and medical history.
Peelings are used to correct fine, medium or deep wrinkles, to treat acne (active, mild or moderate) and its sequels, photoaging, skin aging, sagging, fine and rough skin, oily skin, skin spots, actinic keratosis, etc.

Non-surgical lifting

This treatment is an ideal solution for enhancing your youthful and healthy appearance without surgery, recovery time, or injections.
A harmless infrared light is used to heat deep areas of the dermis, far beneath the skin surface. This heating may cause sudden contraction of collagen, which increases skin firmness.