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Get to know Chihuahua


Chihuahua has an exquisite variety of dishes and regional food prepared with beef because since high quality cattle is raised here, such as the famous white face (Hereford) Brangus, Angus and Charolais, among others.

Magical Towns

Nestled in one of the deepest of the Copper Canyons, Batopilas is a living museum: a mining town with stories about the extraordinary boom thanks to the extraordinary characters who worked its rich silver mines, some from the times of the colony and the end of the 18th century.


The Adventure Tourism Festival is held nearly every month of the year in Chihuahua’s most beautiful natural settings, where the sports of hiking, rappel, rock climbing and river rafting are practiced, along with sandboarding, sand-bikes, mountain biking and free diving.

Sierra Tarahumara

You can have a living geology lesson in the canyons of Chihuahua, an immense, almost totally explored territory on the Western Sierra Madre mountains, and enjoy the riches of its flora and fauna as well as the frequent discovery of archaeological remains.


Cultural diversity refers to the different ethnic groups and cultures that have developed in the State of Chihuahua with the passage of centuries. The state has a great diversity of native cultures, now inhabiting the Sierra Tarahumara.

El Chepe

This is the only passenger train in Mexico at present. Entire families await the holidays to take this tour with enormous landscape value, as from the comfort of a reclining seat, with artificial climate and on board food and beverage service, the visitor can enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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