Claw Toes

Claw toes are a deformation of the toes that appear to be clenched and do not do their job well. This causes an imbalance in the full support of the foot function.


The blocking of the toe is due to the inflammation of the flexor tendons of the toes.


– Appearance of helomas or corns on the dorsal surface of the toe due to pressure or friction with the shoe.
– Pain in the dorsal part of the claw toe.
– Pain at the head of the metatarsal because it does not receive pressure when supporting the foot, which rests on the heads of the metatarsals, causing metatarsalgia.


Through the percutaneous surgery technique, in which the nerves and vessels, as well as the tendons, are separated and protected and an osteotomy is performed on the spongy bone with the wedge open upwards (in a V shape) in such a way that when it is closed the angle is corrected, the objecting being to correct the deformed toe that is flexed.
The postoperative period is three weeks with a small bandage that the patient learns to change with his/her personal hygiene, which is what maintains the new position of the toe.